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Quality Decking instalation to the highest industry standards

About Us

Decking can enhance the appearance of any garden creating a contrasting patio area. Correct instalation is the key to ensuring that your decking will stand the test of time. Sadly it not uncommon for us to be called out to repair decking that has failed due to poor installation.

Softwood Decking

Tanlaised pine decking is the most common type of decking that we fit. It is worth knowing that a lot of landscapers use 28mm thick deck boards which are the thinnest and cheapest available. We use heavy duty 32mm boards or even 38mm for a slightly higher cost.

Hardwood Decking

Alternatively hardwood deck boards can be treated with a range of protective oils that enhance the colours of the wood and offer furthur protection form the elements.Yellow Balau is probably the most popular choice for hardwood decking in the UK.The second image shows the face of the deck and steps which were incorporated to provide