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Garden Design

Investing in Garden design can ensure that you end up with a garden you will love. Without good design it is easy to spend a large amount of money on landscaping only to find you have created a garden that you do not like or does not suit your personal needs.

A professional garden designer can help you obtain the right garden to suit your lifestyle, individual tastes and budget.

The Design Process

Step 1 -Free initial consultation and garden survey.

On this visit we will discuss your use of the garden and any ideas you may already have, if youre unsure we can show you a wide range of inspiring ideas to get an idea of your individual taste.

We will also need to discuss your budget for the garden. some clients are reluctant to disclose this but we do need to have a rough figure as it would be pointless designing a ten thousand pound garden for a client who wished to spend two thousand and a low budget design would not suit a client who has a larger budget and is hoping to create something spectacular.

Finally we will view measure the area to be redesigned and discuss design fees. If you are happy to proceed we will draw an accurate plan of the garden and existing features before leaving to continue the desigh process from our base.

Step 2 - We will draw a small number of basic designs and identify a selection of potential components and materials.

Step 3 - On the second visit you will be asked to point out what you like and dislike about these designs so that we are enalble to suggest changes and variations to enable up to come up with a final design.

Step 4 -The final design will be drawn as a 3d model allowing us to zoom in, flip and rotate the design to see it from a variety of angles. If required the design will also include deatiled costing for out services should you wish for us to carry out the construction of your desired garden.

Garden Design costs

As a general rule most design projects cost 5 per sqare metre to be designed. However if you almost have a design in your head and just need it drawing up to allow you to visualise it lower fees may be negotiable.

In some cases we may offer part reimbursement of your design fees if we are chosen as the construction contractor.