Our Pressure Cleaning equipment.


When you choose MJS for high pressure cleaning you can be sure of the deepest clean. Our hi tech proffesional jetwasher deliver phenominal power. We use a Honda GX340 capable of delivering a massive 11 Horse power to a pump capable of producing 3600 psi. This is around 10 times the pressure you get from Domestic and entry level pressure washers and therefore delivers superior cleaning in a timely manor

In addition to a powerful machine our patio and drive cleaning operatives are equipped with the latest hi tech rotary cleaning tools.The rotary floor cleaning tool provides a fast and uniform cleaning solution for light to moderately soiled surfaces and is particularily effective on large paving slabs and concrete. The rubber skirt minimizes the splash back normally assosiated with pressure cleaning. This tool also makes cleaning patios surrounded by soil a lot less tricky.