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Block Paving

Over the last few years block paving has grown to be the most popular paving system that we install today. Block paving can serve as durable driveway when laid on an adequate sub base. Alternatively blocks can create a beautiful patio area laid in a variety of patterns so suit your preferences.We can source a wide range of block paving blocks at trade prices from a selection of reputable paving merchants in Doncaster including stockists of the tried and tested Marshalls and plaspave ranges.

The next thing to consider once you have an idea of the area you would like paved is drainage, whether its block paving or paving slabs surface water must be diverted away from house to prevent damage to your property. In addition planning permission is now required for front gardens if water is intended to run out onto the road. The best sollution wherever possible is to divert water into other areas of the garden or into an underground soakaway. This can be done by sloping the paving towards the areas or by using linear drains and pipes control the direction.

Block Paving construction

The first part of the construction is the excavation and sub base, For block paved driveways all top soil must be removed and a minimum of 150mm of compacted aggregates installed. For patios this can be reduced by up to half. Some block pavers reduce this to none but we prefer the peace of mind knowing that you won't be ringing us a year down the line to tell us your block paving has sunk.After the subase is installed and graded to give the correct slope or fall blocks are laid on a bed of 45 -65mm of compacted and screeded gritsand, joints are filled with paving sand and blocks are bedded down solid with a whacker plate. Blocks on the outer edge not contained by the house or other solid edge are cemented in to contain the inner blocks. For Block Paving enquiries please use the href="Enquiry_form.htm"online enquiry form Should you prefer to contact us by phone please click here. Paving choices      Paving Projects      Click here to arrange arrange a free quotation